Clark Fork Chronicle: Forest Jobs and Recreation Act a responsible plan for Montana

As required by my provision in a recent federal law, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service this week removed Montana’s wolves from the Endangered Species List and returned their management to state biologists. It is a bipartisan victory that recognizes Montana’s wolf recovery as a success. As your senator, it’s my job to find solutions that are right for Montana, no matter how controversial or tough the issue is.

Montana needs responsible wildlife management. We need smart natural resource development. And for future generations, we need to protect the land, clean water and fresh air we’re blessed with.

I have a responsibility to do all those things with policies that foster job creation in Montana. And that’s why, earlier this year, I reintroduced a landmark jobs bill–the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act.

I will continue to push for this bill because it’s a popular plan that enjoys broad support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents. It’s right for Montana.

That’s because it was made by Montanans. As I have said many times before, the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act doesn’t just belong to me. It was created over the course of several years by a broad coalition of people.

Anyone willing to compromise had a seat at the table. And so, setting aside their differences, loggers, millworkers, sportsmen, conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts worked together to find common ground. I know the value of consensus-building. That’s why I turned their ideas into legislation.

The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act is the right solution for a unique set of challenges.

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