Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Wounded war vet welcomed home

It was gray on Friday, but through the dark clouds the occasional light would shine through as airplanes came in to land at Gallatin Field airport.

And each time lines of people would look up, hoping it would be the one carrying J.D. Williams. They waited with welcome signs clutched in their hands, American flags held in the wind above their heads, and a nervous joy in their hearts they could barely contain.

“It’s not coming fast enough,” said Jack Williams, J.D.’s father.

Jack kept his eyes on the horizon while he talked about seeing his son last October.

He was expecting the worst when he walked into the hospital room, bracing to see a son changed irreversibly by war, a man without legs or a right arm.

And he did – but it was still J.D., sitting tall and proud in his bed.

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