Bitterroot Star: LTE: Veterans of Montana, look out!

Dear Editor,

Veterans’ programs are under attack both on the national and the state level. However, in Montana today you have a senator running-for re-election that has done more for veterans in the short time that he has been a senator, than any political leader in memory, Senator Jon Tester.

And challenging Senator Tester you have a congressman who voted against the GI Bill of Rights, Representative Dennis Rehberg.

Remarkably, the person Congressman Rehberg brought to Montana as his main speaker when he announced his run for the Senate against Senator Tester, was none other than Representative Michelle Bachman. Ms. Bachman had proposed to congress that the VA budget be slashed by $4.5 billion dollars, this also being the position of the Tea Party which the Congresswoman represents as does our Congressman Rehberg. Their position was to stop paying compensation for their injuries to disabled veterans who had also earned Social Security. Further, their position called for no increase in health care when millions of veterans are still denied health care by the VA due to money problems.

The Congresswoman, after leaving Helena and after being criticized by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, and other major veteran’s organizations, surrendered her position towards veterans. Did Representative Rehberg change his position from the Tea Party?

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