Dennis’s Plan

I’m writing today with an urgent update that I think all Montanans need to know about.

Jon’s opponent, Congressman Dennis Rehberg, is co-sponsoring a bill that should be rejected in Montana.  Like the unpopular Patriot Act and REAL ID, Rep. Rehberg’s bill gives the Department of Homeland Security the authority to make top-down decisions that affect all of us.  The bill, deceptively named the “National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act,” gives away control of Montana’s public land within 100 miles of our northern border.

Dennis’s plan allows the Department of Homeland Security to make decisions about our land with no public input and no accountability. The whole idea is just plain un-Montanan.

Rehberg was wrong when he voted for and supported the Patriot Act and REAL ID, and he’s wrong today to co-sponsor a bill that gives one federal government agency total control over Montana’s land.

Under Rep. Rehberg’s bill, if the federal government wanted to punch roads through Glacier National Park or the best elk cover in the Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge, they could.  They could stop timber sales on Forest Service land.  Congressman Rehberg even signed on to this bill knowing it could allow the agents to kick cattle off of BLM grazing land or keep hunters out of our forests.

Now Congressman Rehberg is desperately trying to backpedal, telling Montanans his bill is supposed to make our homeland security stronger. I hope you will join me in telling Dennis Rehberg what the bill really is: A federal land grab at its worst that tramples our rights and freedoms.

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Congressman Rehberg ought to start doing what’s right for Montana instead of putting Washington’s agenda first.  He should be creating jobs, but instead he’s once again creating smoke where there is no fire.  And he wants to do away the rights and freedoms we cherish in the process.

Thank you for your support,

Vic Miller
Blaine Country Commissioner
Chinook, Montana