NBCMontana: Tester Knows Montana Will Play A Big Role In Nation's Energy Policy

U.S. Senators will be back in session in three weeks discussing the nation’s energy policies among many other hot topics. Montana’s senators know any energy policy changes could have a big impact on the state.

Many Senators will go on vacation, spend time with family, anything they can do to get away from work between sessions, but not Jon Tester, he comes to northern Montana to do what he knows is an equally important job, harvest his crop on his family’s farm. Even though he’s thousands of miles away from D.C. he’s always thinking about what’s going on in Washington.

Tester knows energy policy will be a major issue during the upcoming session and he thinks Montana can play a critical role in the nation’s energy structure.

He says “Our forests have incredible opportunity as far as bio-mass energy, and not only electricity that can flow through the lines, but also transportation fuels like ethanol.”

The Forest Jobs bill would require logging on about 100,000 acres of Montana forests and establish roughly 600,000 acres of wilderness in the state along with a new national recreation areas.

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