KXLH: MATL project moves forward

It’s been six years since plans for the Montana Alberta Tie Line first began and Wednesday efforts culminated in an official groundbreaking ceremony.

In 2004 the idea for the Tie Line was conceived, and the initial permitting process began the following year, and by 2009 the layout of the project was complete.

Those involved say they are pleased to finally host a groundbreaking for the project after all these years.

Johan van ‘t Hof is the CEO for MATL’s parent company, Tonbridge Power. He said, “It’s frankly wonderful. You sit in a room with a white board and you think you can get a project going and to actually see something that was conceived.”

U.S. Senators Jon Tester and Max Baucus were on hand at the ceremony.

Tester said, “Well, it means jobs, means jobs and economic opportunity. I think that there’s an incredible amount of economic opportunity here.”

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