KXLF: Baucus-Tester introduce legislation to return wolf management to Montana

Montana U-S senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester have introduced legislation to return wolves in Montana to state management.

In a prepared release, Baucus says, “This bill provides a common sense solution that will put wolves in Montana back in Montana’s control,” “No one – especially the federal government – knows how to manage wolves in Montana better than Montanans. Montana’s successful management plan and wolf hunt have protected ranchers and wolves. The debate has gone on long enough. This plan is a real, lasting solution that gives our Montana ranchers and hunters the certainty they deserve while recognizing the good science and management practices on the ground.”

Tester calls the plan a sensible proposal for a complicated issue. He goes on to say, “It restores Montana’s ability to manage wolves in a way that works for ranchers, hunters and wolves, and it includes fair safeguards should Montana’s wolf numbers ever get too low. I look forward to discussing the future of wolves and the next course of action in the coming weeks.”

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy ruled in August that Montana and Idaho would have to halt plans for fall wolf hunts after environmentalist groups sued to stop the hunting.

Ranchers have called for congressional action to over rule the judge. The Montana Stockgrowers Association is applauding the measure proposed by Baucus and Tester with the group’s executive vice president, Errol Rice saying, “”Our goal, along with Senator Baucus, has been to ensure that Montana ranchers have the necessary tools to protect their cattle from wolves. Wolves are fully recovered in Montana and it is time they are removed from the list of endangered species.”

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