Kulr 8: Democratic Party Platform

BILLINGS – The Montana Democratic Party platform convention runs Friday and Saturday at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center. It happens every two years. The democrats come together to develop their version of a constitution or what they will stand for moving forward into November. This year they said their focus is on jobs and the economy.

“What I’ve been hearing as I go around the convention is jobs and how important it is we create jobs in the state of Montana so we can keep our young people here,” said Senator Jon Tester, D-Montana. “Also hearing a lot about quality education and then energy. Montana is an energy state. We have incredible coal and oil reserves and gas reserves.”

Another goal of the convention on Friday night was to rally around and form a united front behind Dennis McDonald; the democratic nominee for the U.S. House. He will face republican incumbent Denny Rehberg in the November general election.

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