KRTV: Montana leaders question Air Force over MT ANG changes

The planned change from an F-15 fighter-jet mission to a cargo-based C-27J mission at the Montana Air National Guard has Montana leaders concerned.

U.S. Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester, along with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, expressed their concerns via letter to the Secretary of the Air Force, and in a recent meeting with the Director of the Air National Guard, General Harry Wyatt.

Baucus, Tester, and Schweitzer, expressed their concerns over potential job losses and unnecessary spending as a result of transferring the current F-15 mission out of Montana.

Baucus said, “The Air Force needs to understand that for Montana, MANG is not just a military mission. MANG is part of the Great Falls community. MANG provides jobs and supports families. The new C-27J mission is a strong flying mission. But, each and every job on Gore Hill is important to Montana, and the Air Force leadership in D.C. needs to explain why millions of tax dollars should be spent moving the F-15s to California. “

Tester noted, “I appreciate General Wyatt coming in to talk with us, because we’ve got some serious concerns. We were able to have a frank conversation about the critical role MANG plays in keeping our country safe. I look forward to continuing to talk and make sure any decision made is the right one for MANG, and for Montana taxpayers.”

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