KFBB: Tester Hears From the People: In Need of Jobs

“These are more than just listening sessions or forums these are actions sessions for me…” says Tester addressing a packed room inside the Helena National Airport Tuesday afternoon.

And while there’s no rapid action for the Iraq war, renewable energy sources , the economy and health care – Senator Jon Tester (D) met with Montanans to take a stab at what components he should take back to Washington.

A local real estate representative part of the discussion panel says “so we’ve fallen from 205 for a median price to 195,000, five percent, $10,000 dollars.”

“Regulate the hell out of those banks, don’t ever let them do what they did to us again,” says Jim McGarvey of Montana State AFL-CIO.

Nationally there’s talks of a double dip recession but business owners contest that the capitol city’s economy is stable, yet for a state relying heavily on small businesses it was clear to Tester that employment opportunities are on the minds of many.

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