KFBB: Senator Tester and Others Hold Forum on Health Care Reform

Senator Jon Tester was in great falls, Thursday, taking part in a form devoted entirely to the landmark health care overall. President Obama recently signed the bill into law, and many Montanans now have questions and concerns about how they will be impacted.

Hosted by the City-County Health Department, the forum brought together community leaders, health care professionals and other citizens, hoping to learn more about health care reform.

“The current system is broken,” said Senator Tester. “We had to do something. It is not a radical bill. Some folks said we did too much, some said we didn’t do enough. It’s right in the middle.”

The Senator answered questions and said that the legislation will save lives, save money and save Medicare. He says the reform will stop insurance companies from dropping coverage for illness, and end discrimination based on pre-existing condition.

“If our community health center does move away from the county, everyone needs to be on the same page,” said County Health Officer Alicia Thompson “If it does happen, it will be partially due to this reform bill.”

Thompson and Cascade County Commissioner Peggy Beltrone were part of a panel with Senator Tester.

“In Cascade County, a high rate of people don’t have insurance,” said Beltrone. “This bill will be helpful for them.”

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