KBZK: Senator Tester tours revamped Sears Building

U.S. Senator Jon Tester braved the snowy weather this afternoon to visit the Sears Building in Uptown Butte and check out the impact of the revitalization project.

The building is currently being revamped to include the Hennessy Market on the first floor and apartments on the second through fifth floors. It just won a national “Development of Distinction Award” for its historic restoration and innovative finance. Federal tax credits for historic rehabilitation are being used for the renovation of the building.

Tester says federal programs like that can help get more of these projects off the ground in Montana.

“If we’re going to get building like this renovated, we’ve got to have visionary policies in Washington D.C., policies that help re-establish these historic buildings as usable properties,” said Tester.

Tester added that the economic development benefit of the Sears Building market and apartments will extend well into the future.

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