KBZK: Senator Tester Meets with Veterans in Butte

Senator Jon Tester met with veterans and Chief Executive Paul Babb Friday to discuss what’s next for bringing a veterans’ home to Butte.

The main focus of the conversation was getting money for the home. The legislature needs to come up with a 35 percent match.

Tester serves on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee and said he’s already been in contact with the head of the VA about this project. He predicts it will be part of the 2012 budget.

Veterans said they will bring buses of veterans to Helena if needed to get this accomplished. There are also backup plans for getting the money, including earmarks, but Tester says if he doesn’t have to he doesn’t want to do it that way. But he knows time is of the essence for this veterans’ home.

“It’s a good project for the whole state, and it’s a much needed project too. I think the VA will see it our way and we’ll talk to them talk some sense to them and hopefully come up with the money so we can get this project going and get the doors open as soon as possible,” said Tester.

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