SIGN THE PETITION: Education Policy Should Put Students First

Sign on to support Senator Tester’s efforts on education reform.

Members of Congress:

Using the same formula for more than 100,000 schools across America, like we did in the No Child Left Behind law, doesn’t work.

Kids’ lives in the tiny Indian Country town of Busby, Montana are drastically different than kids’ lives in New York or California. Their schools need different things.

That’s why we can’t have a national policy that incentivizes educators to teach to tests. We need education policies that incentivize student success, creativity and innovation.

Washington doesn’t have all the answers. Education needs to be driven by folks on the ground: school boards, teachers, and parents. We need an education system flexible enough so that all 100,000 schools in America can provide a grade A education to the students they serve.

I support Senator Tester’s efforts to pass an education plan that puts students first.


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