Protecting Our Rural Way Of Life

Protecting Our Rural Way Of Life

Jon and his wife Sharla still farm the same land Jon’s grandparents homesteaded in the early 1900’s. He grew up in Big Sandy, attended school there, and came back to teach at the same school he graduated from. His Montana roots run deep.

In the United States Senate, Jon fights for rural Montana. He defends farmers and ranchers from burdensome regulations, fights to maintain critical services like Farm Service Agency offices and the Essential Air Service, and he delivers on investments in rural infrastructure.

Jon is bringing Montana common sense to Washington. He is pushing back against Washington bureaucrats who don’t know the difference between a tractor and a combine. He’s reined in Washington overreach by modernizing livestock auctions and reduced burdensome regulations on cow pies that were never intended for farmers and ranchers. He’s held several in-person farm bill listening sessions across the state to ensure Montana producers have a seat at the negotiating table. As a farmer, Jon knows producers need access to markets and he has fought for fair trade deals that will help Montana farmers and ranchers.

Growing up off of a dirt road, miles from pavement, Jon understands the need for investments in Montana’s infrastructure. Jon’s fought for critical funds to Montana counties that help build roads, bridges, and schools across the state. He’s been a strong advocate for rural broadband. Jon believes rural broadband will help bring jobs back to Montana and he’s fought relentlessly to deliver investments across Montana. He’s held big telecom companies, like Verizon, accountable to their Montana customers.

Jon fights for rural Montana and will not stop until Washington is held accountable.

Matt Rosendale is a real estate developer from Maryland. He made his millions turning farmland in Maryland into developments. Now he’s got his sights set on Montana. Rosedale moved to Montana, bought a trophy ranch, and launched his political career. He even voted repeatedly for land use rules that would hurt Montana farmers and ranchers, but help developers like him. And Rosendale has failed to stand up against disastrous trade policies that are hurting Montana agriculture – he even said that farmers suffering because of tariffs was all part of the “negotiation process.” Rosendale’s anti-public lands, anti-public education, and pro-dark money stances show he does not share our values. He wants to make Montana look a little bit more like his native east-coast.