Defending Rural Access To Health Care And Driving Down Costs

Defending Rural Access To Health Care And Driving Down Costs

Jon is relentlessly fighting to defend Montana’s access to affordable health care.

Jon believes we need to fix the current health care law to deliver better and cheaper care for all Montanans. He fought back against Washington plans to gut health care in rural communities, end Medicaid expansion, and increase the number of uninsured in Montana.

Montanans deserve access to affordable health care and Jon is working tirelessly in Washington to deliver. He has proposed legislation to increase the number of residencies in rural America, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, and close the gap on insurance costs for middle class families.

Jon is a champion of Community Health Centers and the Healthy Montana Kids program. He knows the critical role both play in Montana communities. He’s relentlessly defended rural health care and has fought to preserve Critical Access Hospitals across the state. And he will stand up to any Washington politician who tries to play political games with these health care investments.

Jon will go to the mat to defend Montanans’ Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. As Washington politicians look to balance the budget on the backs of Montana seniors, Jon will always have Montanans’ backs.

As Montana’s Insurance Commissioner, Matt Rosendale rubber stamped higher insurance rates for Montana families. He’s supported policies that would jack up costs even more on Montanans, and remove protections for folks with pre-existing conditions like cancer and pregnancy. He’s pushed shady, short-term health care policies that don’t cover pre-existing conditions, and has made it more difficult for Montana families to stay covered. He opposed a bipartisan measure that strengthened Montana’s community health centers and drug treatment courts, but backed a bill that would have cut access to rural health care and increased the cost of prescription drugs. He’s looking to balance the budget on the back of Montana’s seniors and working families and his policies would lead to thousands of Montanans being left without coverage and our rural hospitals being forced to board up their doors.