Creating Good Jobs

Creating Good Jobs

One of Jon’s top priorities in the Senate is to help create jobs for Montanans, and to retain the ones we already have.

In 2017, Jon announced his plan to #EmployMT, a comprehensive strategy to create high-paying jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, invest in the workforce, and spur innovation in Montana.

Jon, a small business owner himself, knows that keeping small businesses growing is the key to a thriving economy, and that responsibly investing in public education and job training programs will help connect qualified workers with jobs in Montana.

Jon believes that a critical step toward keeping jobs in Montana is keeping jobs here in America, which is why Jon has voted to end tax incentives that make it easier for corporations to send jobs overseas.

Jon also supports a responsibly-built Keystone XL Pipeline, because he knows responsible energy development will not only increase energy security and create jobs, but it will also spur small businesses and new opportunities. It’s also why he believes the pipeline should be built with American steel.