Keeping Washington Accountable

Keeping Washington Accountable

Montanans know that transparency and accountability are essential in our government. Often saying that “a little sunshine in government is always a good thing,” Jon has carried that attitude with him to Washington. The transparency and ethics standards he enforces in his offices are unmatched in Congress.

Jon immediately became a trailblazer for shining much-needed light into every corner of our government. Jon made history the very first day he took office, fulfilling a campaign promise to hold himself accountable by becoming the first member of Congress to post his daily public schedule online for all Montanans to see. He continues to post his schedule to this day.

And after helping pass the most sweeping ethics reforms since Watergate, he went beyond those rules and banned all gifts, meals, and travel from lobbyists for himself and his staff.

Jon has fought to end automatic pay raises for members of Congress and sponsored legislation to make government records available in a searchable Internet database at no charge to the public.

Jon has pushed multiple bills to crack down on special interests and dark money in politics, and has introduced a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision and say corporations aren’t people.

He also voluntarily files his campaign finance reports online, and is the author of legislation that would require all Senate candidates to do so.

Jon knows the problems in Washington are because of both parties and that real change starts with holding both parties, Congress and government accountable.