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Matt Rosendale and his Swampy East Coast Backers Launch Baseless Attack Billings—Today, Matt Rosendale called in his kingmaker, Mitch McConnell, for a political bailout in the form of another false attack ad against Sen. Jon Tester. State Frauditor Matt Rosendale joined the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) to launch a false attack against Senator Tester’s […]

Billings – Yesterday, the Missoulian editorial board praised Sen. Jon Tester for being on the frontlines of the fight to increase transparency in our elections. By contrast, State Frauditor Matt Rosendale didn’t get such a glowing treatment. The editorial mentions a 2015 bill that Rosendale voted against, the DISCLOSE Act, which increased transparency in Montana elections. […]

Billings—Yet another shady, out-of-state, dark money super PAC began launching false attacks against Sen. Jon Tester. Club for Growth, a Koch-backed out-of-state dark money group, launched a statewide television ad buy last week worth more than $600,000, hoping to deceive Montanans about Jon Tester’s record. Club for Growth’s dark money mental gymnastics ignores Jon’s record […]

Billings—Today, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale released a false new attack ad in an effort to resuscitate a campaign that has been crippled by scandal after scandal after scandal. Rosendale knows he can’t beat Jon Tester for who he is, so once again, Rosendale has gone on television with a misleading ad to try […]

Billings—Today, farmer and United States Senator Jon Tester launched Seniors for Tester, a group of seniors from across the state who support Jon for his strong record of fighting on behalf of Montana seniors in the Senate. Tester has relentlessly fought to protect the programs that Montana seniors have been paying into their entire lives. […]