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Any Montanan can tell you that the cost of prescription drugs is rising out of control. This is the health care problem Congress should be solving. And there is bipartisan support for action. Jon has a plan to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable and keep costs down. Sign on and ask Congress to take action.

“Tester, Murkowski infuriated by Indian Health Service response to proposed cuts” — Billings Gazette; 7/13/2017 “Sen. Tester…demands “damn answers” from Indian Health Secretary” — KPAX, 7/13/2017 When government officials fail the people of Montana, Jon demands accountability. This isn’t an issue of party — each of us, Democrats and Republicans, have a role to play […]

A new bill introduced by U.S. Sen. Jon Tester on Wednesday looks to lower prescription drug costs for Montanans by bringing more transparency to the pharmaceutical industry. The measure, Stopping the Pharmaceutical Industry from Keeping Drugs Expensive Act, or SPIKE, would force prescription drug companies to publicly disclose detailed information about a significant price increase […]

“41 states refuse request for voter information, including Montana” — KTVQ, 7/4/2017 Washington politicians recently requested personal data on voters as part of an investigation into alleged “voter fraud” — even though no real proof of large-scale voter fraud can be found anywhere in the country. Montana said no, along with the overwhelming majority of […]

Washington’s proposed budget for 2018 cuts approximately $880 million from the U.S Forest Service. This loss of funding poses a threat to our public lands. It could mean closing off trails, shuttering visitor centers, and insufficient staffing. But the problem runs deeper. Drastic cuts make it difficult for us keep public lands accessible to campers, […]

Some politicians like to talk about improving forest management, but few actually try to do anything about it. Frankly, it appears that some want gridlock to continue so they can keep scoring political points. U.S. Sen. Jon Tester is different and so is his bill, the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act. This bill would support forest […]