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BUTTE – Sen. Jon Tester stopped in Butte Monday to kick off what he’s calling a Blue Collar Jobs Tour. Tester met with labor and education officials Monday afternoon at the Plumber and Pipefitters Union Hall, to hear ways to spur more good-paying blue collar jobs by encouraging more trade programs to encourage high school […]

The thriving state of Montana’s outdoor economy was the talk of the town at the Last Best Outdoors Fest held Tuesday at The Coop in Columbia Falls. The celebration, hosted by Business for Montana’s Outdoors (BFMO) and the Montana Brewer’s Association, focused on celebrating the state’s booming outdoors industry with food, craft beer and music, […]

First, Betsy DeVos tried to withhold funds from the University of Montana because their application wasn’t double-spaced. Now, she’s trying to withhold vital funds from small, rural Montana schools because of more bureaucratic red tape. This is ridiculous. DeVos’s job is to make sure schools have the resources they need to make students successful. Demand […]

Any Montanan can tell you that the cost of prescription drugs is rising out of control. This is the health care problem Congress should be solving. And there is bipartisan support for action. Jon has a plan to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable and keep costs down. Sign on and ask Congress to take action.

“41 states refuse request for voter information, including Montana” — KTVQ, 7/4/2017 Washington politicians recently requested personal data on voters as part of an investigation into alleged “voter fraud” — even though no real proof of large-scale voter fraud can be found anywhere in the country. Montana said no, along with the overwhelming majority of […]

Washington’s proposed budget for 2018 cuts approximately $880 million from the U.S Forest Service. This loss of funding poses a threat to our public lands. It could mean closing off trails, shuttering visitor centers, and insufficient staffing. But the problem runs deeper. Drastic cuts make it difficult for us keep public lands accessible to campers, […]