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Missoula—A friendly reminder—today would be the second debate between Matt Rosendale and Jon Tester, if Matt Rosendale hadn’t bailed on the first debate less than a week before it was set to take place. After Rosendale committed to participating in the first debate of the general election back in June, he bailed just days before […]

Missoula—East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has a bad habit of dodging debates—and reporters—and refusing to comment on the issues that are important to Montanans. Luckily, it seems as if Montanans will finally have a chance to hear directly from Rosendale on some of these issues during tonight’s debate. Here are five key questions that Montanans […]

One-Stop Shop Website will be Updated Live with Fact Checks Throughout Debate Billings—In advance of MontanaPBS’s Senate debate on Saturday evening, Montanans For Tester launched a new rapid response website to track East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s attempts to mislead Montanans about his record in real time. The site will function as a live fact-check […]

Billings—As the first Senate debate approaches, we’re continuing to highlight East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s harmful positions from his past debates. Rosendale’s record on public education was never great to begin with. Then, he said that we should focus on “getting the government out of the funding for the colleges” and universities. But the federal […]

Billings – Yesterday, the Montana Free Press reported that East Coast developer Matt Rosendale dropped fines and charges against his some of the top donors to his campaign for state auditor. Just eight days after taking office as state auditor, Rosendale met with representatives from a company whose owners and employees had given his campaigns nearly […]

Billings—This week, the campaign for Big Sandy farmer and United States Senator Jon Tester launched a new 30-second statewide television ad highlighting Tester’s work to hold Congress accountable to the people of Montana. The ad slams East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s out-of-state millionaire cronies for lying about Jon Tester and trying to make him into […]

Billings—While Rosendale was in Washington, DC today for a fundraiser, Montanans spoke out against the East Coast developer’s insulting new advertisement calling Jon Tester’s 19 bills—which hold the VA accountable, deliver resources to our first responders, improve care for veterans, provide relief for community banks in rural Montana, and cut government waste, fraud, and abuse—the […]