The Montana Post: Jon Tester Gets It Done, Secures Funding for Butte Veterans Home

There are politicians and then there is Senator Jon Tester. Wearing his second-hand suits that look like they were last in style when Ted Schwinden was governor or a work jacket that might actually be the dirtiest piece of clothing I have ever seen on a person, he certainly doesn’t look the part. Speaking like an actual human being, one who is legitimately infuriated by government malfeasance and willing to call the bovine excrement that steams out of D.C. what it really is, he certainly doesn’t sound the part.

Jon Tester is no politician.
Jon Tester just gets it done.

While the other members of Montana’s delegation fly around on private jets and posture for the Fox News crowd, Senator Tester just puts his head down and goes to work. Fresh on the heels of having President Trump sign thirteen of his bills–all of which will help Montana–Senator Tester announced another big achievement today: his office has secured funding for the Southwest Montana Veterans Home, a 60-bed facility for veterans in Southwest Montana.

From the Montana Standard:

Backers have said Montana has more than 100,000 veterans or about 10 percent of its total population, one of the highest percentages nationally. Of that total, about 33,000 live in southwestern Montana. The only other state homes for veterans are in Columbia Falls, which is four hours from Butte by car, and Glendive, which is close to seven hours away.

Mike Lawson, Commander Southwest Montana United Veterans Council, explains that this is a big deal for area veterans:

I’m elated to see this come around after 8 years of hard work. We never gave up and Senator Tester never gave up. He made it happen and we can’t thank him enough.

In addition to providing much-needed services for veterans in Southwest Montana, the project will be an economic boost for Butte, with good, high-paying jobs for those providing care. This is simply a huge win for Montana veterans.

There is no shortage of politicians in Montana (just look at the field of slick, rich men playing dress up in work clothes to run against Senator Tester in the Republican primary), but there’s only one Senator Tester. I’m damn proud to support him, and Montana is lucky to have him.