Flathead Beacon: Accountability Year

Accountability Year
If you want accountability from Congress, better turn out the vote for Jon Tester
BY MIKE JOPEK // JAN 3, 2018

If you are not voting this fall to re-elect Sen. Jon Tester then you must be tired of moderation, accountability, and sick of working together.

Tester is nationally ranked as one of the most productive members of Congress, having passed more bills into law than he has fingers on his hands.

I hardly agreed with Tester’s voting 100 percent of the time. Hitting 80 percent seems doable; it’s a big diverse state.

Tester routinely stands up for veterans, advocates for public lands, and works to help our teachers, students, and nurses. He’s generally there for working people and small businesses.

Tester is a proven defender of Social Security and Medicare. He consistently works to make veteran services better. He stands up for children’s health services and is solid on the stuff that matters most to regular voters.

Tester has always been a regular working guy. On the farm he ran the meat grinders, tilled the fields, planted the seeds, harvested the crops, and taught music to school kids.

Tester is from the land and for the land. He does work that matters, is politically and personally compassionate.