Native American Heritage Month

In Montana, we know the important contributions our neighbors in Indian Country have made to our society throughout our history. That’s why I was proud to pass a resolution in the Senate establishing Native American Heritage Month. But if we really want to honor our Native American friends, we need more than just talk. We need to make sure Congress is doing everything it can to create opportunities to improve life in Indian Country.

I’m proud of my work on the Indian Affairs Committee, standing up for Native Americans. We’ve made some good progress over the past few years. We gave tribes new tools to support tribal law enforcement in the Tribal Law and Order Act. We included strong protections for Indian women in the Violence Against Women Act.  And we’re working to cut the red tape that keeps too many tribes from making use of their traditional and renewable energy sources.

But there’s still more to do.

We still need to make better investments in Indian Country schools and infrastructure. We still need to improve Native Americans’ access to the ballot box.  And we still need to strengthen self-governance and live up to our treaty responsibilities.

In recognition of Native American Heritage Month, I’m asking you to stand with me in support of Montana’s Indian Country. Click here to add your name.

As long as I am in the Senate, I will always stand up for Indian Country.

Thanks for joining me today.