Tester leads—for the 2nd time today

Nov. 2, 2012

The political blog Montana Streetfighter has this new poll from the respected firm Garin-Hart-Young showing another lead for Jon Tester in recent polling.  Here are the topline results:

  • Montana Farmer Jon Tester: 44%
  • Congressman Dennis Rehberg: 43%
  • Libertarian Candidate Dan Cox: 6%

HERE is a summary of the poll, which adds “Dennis Rehberg is personally disliked by a plurality of voters, and enters the final days of the campaign with a net unfavorable personal of 39% positive and 47% negative.

Earlier today, the right-leaning firm Rasmussen Reports released this poll showing Tester at 49% to Rehberg’s 48%.

Public polls will vary over the next few days, and we encourage you to note all public polls as you report on them.