Setting the record straight on the Missoulian newspaper ad

October 16, 2012

It has come to our attention that Congressman Dennis Rehberg and his allies are trying to make hay over a full-page ad, paid for by Montanans for Tester, that ran in Sunday’s Missoulian newspaper.  The version we sent to the newspaper included a proper disclaimer as required by law.  As the Missoulian notes in this letter, the disclaimer was “accidentally cropped off by the Missoulian creative team.”  We thank the Missoulian for addressing this mistake and for providing the version that our campaign provided.

The bottom line is that unlike Congressman Rehberg, Jon Tester raises the bar when it comes to holding himself accountable and following the law.  Jon’s campaign, like his Senate office, takes pride in the ethical behavior that Montanans deserve from their senators.

We do, however, thank Congressman Rehberg and his allies for pointing out our series of newspaper ads that are running across the state this week.  If you haven’t seen them, please check them out…

  • Rehberg’s supports “Big Government” (HERE)
  • Rehberg is “Bought and Sold” by lobbyists (HERE)
  • Rehberg is “Not looking out for Libby” (HERE)
  • Rehberg’s “Frivolous Lawsuit” against Billings (HERE)
  • Rehberg believes “Corporations Are People Too” (HERE)