Rehberg’s Record: Three votes to zero-out family planning

March is Women’s History month, an opportunity for Montanans to reflect on our state’s trailblazing history of enacting women’s suffrage and electing our nation’s first Congresswoman, Jeanette Rankin.

At a time when women’s issues are front and center in policy debates and the news, we feel it’s important to make Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s record on women’s issues clear. His opposition of access to women’s health care is damaging to Montana’s rich history of standing up for our rights and freedoms.


One year ago, Congressman Rehberg wrote a budget that zeroed out funding for family planning, including Planned Parenthood. Congressman Rehberg’s budget also made irresponsible cuts to Pell Grants, Head Start and Jobs Corps. [HR 1, Vote 93, 2/18/11]

Why? Congressman Rehberg has made it clear that he supports “efforts in Congress to prohibit federal funding of… family planning.” [Rehberg Website, Accessed 3/6/2012]

In fact, since 2007, Congressman Rehberg has voted three times to eliminate all funding for Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides family planning, education services and medical screenings to women. [HR 3043, Vote 684, 7/19/07] [HR 1, Vote 93, 2/18/11] [H Con Res 36, Vote 271, 4/14/11]

Earlier this year, Jon Tester joined thousands of Montana women in fighting for Planned Parenthood’s life-saving services following a decision by the Susan G. Komen Foundation to pull funding for preventative breast examinations from the organization. Under public pressure and a letter the Senator co-signed, the Komen Foundation later reversed its decision.

So why does Rehberg oppose family planning? Why is he not speaking out against his allies and campaign backers who are waging a war on women?

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