Rehberg’s Record: Quiet on Personhood

Today is International Women’s Day. And March is Women’s History month, an opportunity for Montanans to reflect on our state’s trailblazing history of enacting women’s suffrage and electing our nation’s first Congresswoman, Jeanette Rankin.

At a time when women’s health care is front and center in policy debates and the news, we feel it’s important to make Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s record clear. Women across Montana are asking themselves where Congressman Rehberg stands on attempts to add a personhood amendment to the Montana State Constitution.

Why The Silence?

The national group Personhood USA, from Colorado, is attempting to restrict the rights and freedoms of Montana women by pushing a “personhood amendment” to the Montana Constitution.

Here in Montana, Jon Tester defends the rights of women to make decisions about their health care in consultation with their doctor and their faith. He strongly opposes outside attempts to issue blanket rules about women’s health formed primarily on ideology.

2011 isn’t the first time this issue has been pushed in Montana, but just like every attempt before–you’ll hear silence on the issue from Congressman Dennis Rehberg.

Rehberg has a strong anti-choice record, but he has never explained his position on the proposed “Personhood Amendment.”

There’s no doubt that he decided it’s best to hide his views from voters, but with national interests pushing an agenda that threatens women’s health care and everyday Montanans, this isn’t the time for Rehberg to stay silent.