Rehberg’s Record: Choice

March is Women’s History month, an opportunity for Montanans to reflect on our state’s trailblazing history of enacting women’s suffrage and electing our nation’s first Congresswoman, Jeanette Rankin.

At a time when women’s health care is front and center in policy debates and the news, we feel it’s important to make Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s record clear. Congressman Rehberg has regularly attempted to make decisions for Montana women by supporting legislative proposals to mandate their health care choices.

Montana women should know that when it comes to their health care Congressman Dennis Rehberg thinks he knows best.

· Rehberg’s belief that he knows best has existed for years. In 1996 he told the Great Falls Tribune his stances on women’s health are centered on “Help women in crisis make better decisions.” [Great Falls Tribune, 10/18/96]

· In 2006 Rehberg tried to legislate that doctors should attempt to influence women seeking an abortion by informing a patient there is “substantial evidence” the fetus would experience pain. [HR 6099, Vote 526, 12/6/06]

· In 2004 Rehberg attempted to deny deployed military members freedom of choice by voting to prevent overseas military facilities from providing privately-funded procedures. [HR 4200, Vote 197, 5/19/04; National Right to Life Committee Key Vote Descriptions]

There’s no telling what agenda Rehberg would push in the U.S. Senate, but with his ‘I know best’ attitude towards women’s reproductive choices, our freedom of choice is at stake.