Refine & Sell Keystone XL Oil in America

Jon Tester introduced a measure in the U.S. Senate today to address gas prices, strengthen national security and reduce our dependence on foreign oil by requiring oil carried by the Keystone XL Pipeline to be refined and sold in the United States.

The Keystone XL Pipeline is important to Eastern Montana where 100,000 barrels of oil per-day from the Bakken oil fields will enter the pipeline at an on-ramp in Baker.

That means construction jobs, maintenance jobs and significant revenues to local communities.

Earlier this month Jon visited Richland County and Miles City to discuss the importance of this project and oil and gas development in Eastern Montana.

Jon has voted to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline three times including a vote to require the steel for the pipeline to also be “Made in America.”

Jon is also pushing TransCanada to begin training Montana workers to construct the pipeline.

A pipeline that stretches from the Montana Hi-Line to the Gulf Coast should be built with American workers and the oil it carries should be refined and sold in America.