New TV ad highlights Tester’s unprecedented ethics & accountability

Latest spot also features new website:

BILLINGS, Mont. – Jon Tester’s newest TV ad features three prominent Montanans who vouch for the Montana farmer’s unprecedented ethics and accountability to the people he serves.

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The 30-second spot, which begins airing across the Big Sky State Monday, showcases Tester’s record as the first member of Congress to post his public schedule online.

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Tester is also the only member of Congress who has judges conduct regular ethics reviews of his office. Former Montana Supreme Court Justice William Leaphart recently gave Tester “high marks” in Tester’s latest ethics audit.

Tester’s new ad touts a new website summarizing his record on ethics, transparency, and accountability:

Tester’s TV commercial features former Montana Congressman Pat Williams, former federal prosecutor Sherry Matteucci and teacher Cathy Kuntz.

“He’s a man of intelligence and integrity,” Kuntz says in the ad. “And his actions prove it every single day.”

This is Tester’s fifth TV ad. Recent ads showcased Tester’s Montana roots, and his success in fighting for Montana veterans who have defended America’s freedoms.

Documentation online HERE.


SHERRY MATTEUCCI [Federal Prosecutor, ret.]: “Jon Tester promised us he’d be a different kind of senator, and he is.”

CATHY KUNTZ [Teacher]: “He’s a man of intelligence and integrity. And his actions prove it every single day. He posts his schedule online, so we know who he’s meeting with.”

PAT WILLIAMS [Former Member of Congress]: “He’s cracked down on lobbyists. Refused their trips.”

MATTEUCCI: “And has retired Montana judges conduct tough ethics audits to make sure he’s following his own rules.”

WILLIAMS: “See for yourself, and you’ll know too.”

MATTEUCCI: “Jon Tester is working for Montana—”

ALL: “—Every single day.”

JON TESTER: “I’m Jon Tester and I approve this message.”