Montana Farmer At Work

I love that ad so much I’m out seeding on my tractor right now.”  Jon Tester

At the Tester farm outside of Big Sandy, Montana, planting season is underway and the tractor featured in Jon’s recent TV ad is in full gear.

Jon and Sharla have been hard at work. They’re both behind the wheel of a tractor as they race to get seeds in the ground before Big Sandy gets rain.

Jon and Sharla gather the last of the winter peas from the air drill for planting

On Tuesday and Wednesday they planted Austrian winter peas, used to fertilize his wheat, and barley.

At the peak of planting, Jon spends hours on the tractor. But you never stop being a Senator. Jon plants his fields while making work calls from his cell phone.

Jon makes a work call while driving his tractor and planting winter pea seeds.

While driving the tractor, Jon surprised several Montanans on Facebook and Twitter by responding to their questions about his work on the farm with video responses.