Re: We need 1,000 people to each pitch in ten bucks in one month — can you help?

“NRSC Executive Director Ron Jesmer said…that the committee believes there is ‘fertile ground for Republican gains in Montana.'” -The Hill, 12/29/10

Dear Friend,

National Republicans think their path to a Senate majority is going to run through Montana. They’re already talking about our state because they see “fertile ground” for Republican gains. Well, you and I have something to say about that: Not on our watch.

With the national GOP already plotting to bring their shady tactics and special interest money into our state, it’s time for us to show them just what kind of fight they’re in for.

Help us reach our goal of 1,000 supporters by January 31st by contributing $10 right now.

Hundreds of you responded to our call last week to help us build a strong war chest early, but we still have ground to cover if we’re going to be able to stand up to the kind of smears these guys are famous for. It’s clear that Montana is going to be an important battleground in the fight for control of the Senate — and the only way to hold our ground over the next 21 months is to build our war chest as big as possible–and as soon as possible.

Help us defend Montana from the GOP’s tactics by pitching in $10 right now. We need 436 more friends to join our team of 1,000, but we only have until Monday to reach our goal.

I’m ready for this fight — will you join me now?

In strength,