Jon stands up for Montana families

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Hi there,

I want to update you on some of Jon’s important work in the U.S. Senate last week. Jon stood with us, standing up for Montana families, students and our rights and freedoms.

As you may know, extremists in the House of Representatives have been working hard to hurt American families by slashing funding for Pell Grants, women’s health care funding and Planned Parenthood. Led by Representative Dennis Rehberg, who thinks Pell Grants are the “welfare of the 21st Century,” Republicans pushed two major bills that would put college out of reach for many Montanans.

Rehberg himself is currently pushing a proposal that would cut Pell Grants by $3.6 billion! With higher education more important than ever to getting a good job, Congressman Rehberg’s actions are dangerous for Montana’s future.

But early last week, Jon hit back and reminded his Senate colleagues that Pell Grants make a major difference in the lives of Montanans.

“When I meet with students around the state of Montana, the first question they ask me is ‘What’s the federal government doing to make college affordable?'” Jon said on the Senate floor. “If Pell Grants are reduced or potentially even taken away, as some want, it takes away that opportunity for upward mobility within the economy.”

Congressman Rehberg’s controversial plan also guts Title X funding and defunds Planned Parenthood altogether.

On Wednesday, Jon told thousands of Montanans that he’s “committed to standing up to the out-of-touch agenda being pushed by the House of Representatives.”

He added: “I will always stand by reproductive choice and women’s rights.”

We know Pell Grants allow people to train for better jobs and spur economic growth. They’re not welfare. They’re tickets to a better future.

We also know that our freedom of choice and access to quality health care are under attack by extremists in Congress — including Dennis Rehberg. Fortunately, we have Jon Tester on our side.

Let’s help Jon keep up the fight for a better Montana future.

Thanks for your time,

Stacy Rogge
Co-Chair, Women for Tester