An introduction — and an opponent

Dear Friend,

I’m Preston Elliott, and I’ve just signed on as Jon’s campaign manager. I would tell you a little more about myself, but this just hit my inbox:

Denny Rehberg to Announce Senate Bid Saturday – Roll Call, 1.31.11

Our race is now officially underway — please consider a secure online donation to show our new opponent that we’re ready for a tough campaign!

To many of you, Congressman Rehberg needs no introduction. He’s a veteran politician with ties to every Washington special interest you can think of. They’ll work to get him elected no matter what ethical trap door he manages to fall through.

What he’s not so good at is delivering for Montana. In just a few years, Jon’s made his mark by standing up for veterans, fighting to preserve our rural way of life, and being the only Democrat to vote against the bailouts — all of them. Congressman Rehberg, on the other hand, has been a politician for a quarter century — with not much to show for all those years on the taxpayers’ payroll.

The choice is clear — and if we can get our message out, we can defeat Denny Rehberg. But we need your help to build a strong operation early! Please click here to contribute $10, $25, or $50 today!

We’ll have plenty of time to compare Jon’s record of getting things done for Montana with Congressman Rehberg’s record of getting things done for himself. For now, here’s what you need to know: Congressman Rehberg’s already built up a sizable war chest, and with his connections to Beltway special interests, there’s more where that came from.

I know how strong Jon’s grassroots team is — 1,000 new donors in January alone! That’s why my first email to you has one simple request: please click here and make a small contribution right now and help us keep growing our team. You can think of it as welcoming me to the Tester campaign family — or welcoming Congressman Rehberg to what will be a very hard-fought race all the way to Election Day.

Thanks — and I’ll be in touch again soon!

Preston Elliott
Campaign Manager
Montanans for Tester