A note from Preston on the latest Karl Rove ad attacking Jon Tester

Dennis Rehberg’s Wall Street and Big Oil friends know that paying big money for TV ads is the only way they can distort the truth to smear Jon’s record. And sadly, they have plenty of money to spend. Karl Rove’s secretive organization, Crossroads GPS, is spending more than $300,000 on false TV ads in Montana.

It’s widely known that “wealthy Wall Street hedge fund and other investment managers” fund Crossroads GPS, so it’s no surprise they’re working for Dennis Rehberg and attacking Jon Tester. After all, Congressman Rehberg will serve their interests, and Jon serves Montana’s interests.

How will Wall Street benefit from Dennis Rehberg? Congressman Rehberg will privatize Medicare and turn our Social Security savings over to Wall Street banks. That’s Dennis Rehberg’s agenda, that’s Karl Rove’s agenda, and that IS Wall Street’s agenda.

Another secretive, out-of-state group called “Concerned Women for America” is spending another $200,000 on TV ads attacking Jon’s record of tax cuts for middle class families, responsible decisions and common sense spending cuts. That means special interest groups are already spending a staggering $500,000 in our state, and we’re still 15 months from Election Day.

Jon believes the backers of these ads are exactly what’s wrong with Washington. We all know that Jon stands for transparency, responsibility and accountability in government and in election campaigns. And Montanans deserve better, which is why he’s on our side.

It’s important to make sure we understand who’s paying for these attack ads, and it’s more important to understand the facts.

A fact check for Karl Rove’s newest ad is online HERE.

And a fact check for the Concerned Women for America ad is online HERE.