Strengthening Social Security and Medicare

Jon has a record of strengthening and protecting Social Security and Medicare.

With nearly one-in-five Montanans receiving Social Security and Medicare, Jon understands how important it is to make sure both programs are strong for those who rely on them.

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Jon believes Congress has a responsibility to protect Social Security for this generation and for our children and grandchildren. He knows seniors earn their Social Security through years of hard work. And he opposes any measures that would jeopardize these hard-earned retirement savings.

Nearly 200,000 Montanans rely on Medicare. Jon is against proposals that threaten the quality, scope, and access to care that Montanans currently receive.

To improve and protect Social Security and Medicare for Montanans, Jon will continue to:

  • Fight against the privatization of Social Security
  • Oppose controversial efforts to turn Medicare into a voucher system
  • Work to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Pass laws to improve the delivery of services to Montanans
  • Expand benefits

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