Protecting Family Farms and Ranches

Jon still farms the same Montana land his grandparents homesteaded in 1912. He’s the Senate’s only active farmer, and he has been front-and-center in the fight to protect family farms and ranches.

Jon knows that one-size-fits-all federal regulations often don’t cut it in Montana. That’s why he took giant food corporations head-on during the debate over the Food Safety bill, and he successfully included an amendment to protect family-scale producers from new regulations they don’t need and can’t afford. He also led efforts to oppose a Labor Department rule restricting youth labor on farms, and he has long opposed the EPA’s plans to regulate “farm dust.”

In 2013, Jon worked across the aisle to pass a long-term bipartisan Farm Bill that strengthens the safety net for farmers and ranchers and saves taxpayers $20 billion.

That bill also provides disaster assistance for ranchers hit hard by natural disasters and includes country of origin labeling so consumers know where their meat was raised and processed.  And it provides support for young farmers and ranchers.

Jon understands the value of quality, locally-sourced foods — he regularly butchers his own beef and brings it with him to Washington.

Whether it’s food safety issues or wildlife management, Jon always keeps in mind the real consequences for the people of Montana. Jon introduced the Meat Safety and Accountability Act, to ensure large industrial meat suppliers are held accountable for shipping tainted meat, and not just the small processors they ship to.

He successfully blocked a National Animal ID program that would have harmed Montana’s beef producers. And he worked hard to see that Montana’s producers are offered fair rates to ship their products to market, pushing railroads to offer fair shipping rates and better service. He also supports the Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act to provide more options for rail shipping.

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