Ensuring Quality Health Care

As a new father in the early 1980s, Jon and his wife Sharla had to forego health insurance because it was too expensive. Jon knows firsthand how important it is for people — especially those in rural America — to have access to quality affordable health care.

In 2009, Jon helped pass a bipartisan expansion of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to provide health insurance to thousands of additional Montana children, and millions more nationwide.

As a champion for expanding veterans’ access to healthcare, Jon successfully fought for new VA clinics in Havre, Lewistown, Cut Bank, and Libby. He got the VA to build new Vet Centers in Kalispell and Great Falls. He doubled the size of the Billings VA Clinic. And he brought VA telemedicine facilities to Plentywood and Hamilton.

Jon supports the Women’s Health Protection Act that ensures women have safe, legal access to family planning services. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, Jon is also fighting to protect funding for Title X, which helps low-income women access important services like cancer screening and contraceptive care.

Jon voted to prevent a disastrous cut to doctors who serve Medicare patients. He also voted for the health care law that allows seniors to access preventive care services without cost sharing.

Jon has fought for and won critical investments and upgrades for Montana’s hospitals and community health clinics, and the Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD) Clinic in Libby

And in 2010, after helping secure a Public Health Emergency declaration for Libby, Montana, Jon introduced legislation to recruit needed medical specialists to areas affected by Public Health Emergencies. Jon’s measure would open up scholarships and student loan assistance to certified primary care specialists who commit at least two years to serving in these areas.

And Jon supports the Affordable Care Act which:

  • Stops insurance companies from dropping coverage when folks get sick
  • Funds Title X programs, including Planned Parenthood, and other women’s health initiatives
  • Bans insurance companies from placing caps on lifetime coverage
  • Ends copayments for preventative health services
  • Allows students to stay on their parents’ coverage up to age 26
  • Closes Medicare’s prescription drug “donut hole” and save seniors money
  • Provides tax credits to small businesses who insure their employees
  • Makes the Indian Health Care Improvement Act permanent
  • Makes sure insurance companies spend more money on patient care instead of just padding their profits
  • Creates new insurance exchange markets where anyone can find affordable coverage
  • Ensures health insurance companies can’t deny coverage to people who have pre-existing conditions

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