Creating Jobs

As a farmer and small business owner, Jon knows that small businesses are the driving force behind Montana’s economy. He also knows that Montana’s businesses need low taxes, reliable infrastructure, and common sense regulations in order to grow and create jobs.

That’s why Jon has a record of responsible decisions that have allowed small businesses to thrive, and he believes more needs to be done to rebuild America’s economy.

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Jon encourages American companies to keep jobs in America, and he believes in closing tax loopholes that incentivize the outsourcing of American jobs.

To continue creating jobs for Montanans, Jon believes:

  • Montana small businesses must compete on a level playing field against out-of-state corporations.
  • Montana businesses can’t afford unnecessary red-tape and regulation. Employers must have all the tools they need to keep creating jobs.
  • Investments are needed in our state’s physical infrastructure, public safety, and research and development.

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