Cleaning up Washington

Montanans know that transparency and accountability are essential in our government. Often saying that “a little sunshine in government is always a good thing,” Jon has carried that attitude with him to Washington. The transparency and ethics standards he enforces in his offices are unmatched in Congress.

When Jon went to Washington, he immediately became a trailblazer for shining much-needed light into every corner of our government. Jon made history the very first day he took office, fulfilling a campaign promise to hold himself accountable by becoming the first member of Congress to post his daily public schedule online for all Montanans to see.

And after helping pass the most sweeping ethics reforms since Watergate, he went beyond those rules and banned all gifts, meals, and travel from lobbyists for himself and his staff.

A strong believer in free and fair elections, Jon introduced a Constitutional Amendment in 2013 to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on campaigns.  Jon believes that Montanans and regular folks should not have their voices – and their votes – drowned out by the money of the wealthy few.  Jon is also a vocal opponent of the more recent Supreme Court decision in the McCutcheon case that struck down overall contribution limits to candidates and political parties. Jon will keep fighting to put people and their ideas back in charge of our elections and improve our government.

Jon is also the author of legislation that would require all Senate candidates to electronically file their campaign finance reports.  Currently, a candidate can file their reports by paper, forcing the government to hire contractors to put the reports online where they can be accessed by the public.  As a result, paper reports filed in July may not be available until after Election Day.

Jon believes this is unacceptable and prevents Americans from knowing who is supporting campaigns.  His bill would fix it and bring much-needed transparency to our elections.

Jon’s record of cleaning up Washington has earned him the title “Montana’s advocate for accountability.”

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