UPDATE #4 – “Up and at ’em”

We’re still up and at ‘em in Great Falls, where we’re watching final returns come in from across Montana. According to the latest numbers, Jon Tester is sitting on a lead.  But this race has not been called.  At 2 a.m. MDT, Jon told a crowded room full of cheering supporters: “The good news is:…

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UPDATE #2 – “Rehberg’s Robocalls”

Nov. 6, 2012 1:45 p.m. Earlier today, I tweeted this recording of a robocall on behalf of Congressman Dennis Rehberg, which apparently saturated Montana homes last night.  As Congressman Rehberg should know, robocalls are illegal in Montana. That hasn’t stopped the Congressman’s own family from robocalling Montanans in recent days.  HERE is a recording of…

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UPDATE #1 – “The Electric City”

Nov. 6, 2012 9:30 a.m. Good morning from “The Electric City” of Great Falls, where scores of volunteers are hard at work getting out the vote for Montana farmer Jon Tester. I’ll be sending updates as they come in today.  Here’s what’s happening now: Jon Tester wrapped up his 21st rally in the past week…

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POLL UPDATE: Tester leads latest Senate poll

Montana farmer takes lead in 7 of 8 most recent public polls Nov. 4, 2012 BILLINGS, Mont. – With the release of another poll Sunday, Montana farmer Jon Tester is keeping a clear lead over Congressman Dennis Rehberg. A new survey released today by Public Policy Polling puts Tester ahead of Congressman Dennis Rehberg by…

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Traveling Chicken returns as Rehberg hides from Montanans

Rehberg’s campaign events lackluster compared to Tester’s Nov. 4, 2012 BILLINGS, Mont. – The Traveling Chicken, who crossed the country this summer in search of Dennis Rehberg, is back. And he’s again on the lookout for the lobbyist-turned-Congressman. Politico reports that while Tester “sprints” across Montana holding energetic rallies with hundreds of people this weekend,…

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BOAT CRASH REPORT: Where are the witness statements?

New report does not include witness accounts as judge ordered Nov. 1, 2012 BILLINGS, Mont. –  The newly released investigative report about Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s alcohol-related boat crash on Flathead Lake may be incomplete. In 2010, District Judge John McKeon ordered the report, called a “Pre-Sentencing Investigation,” to include witness statements from Rehberg and the…

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