The Missoulian: Tester a champion of access to outdoors

We’ve all seen these people in Montana’s outdoors: the angler who spends only a single day on the river each year, yet shows off an expensive handmade rod that most of us would die for; the big-city hunter decked out in top-of-the-line gear who writes a big check to shoot a trophy. While there’s nothing…

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Billings Gazette: Extra credit for Tester on new school law

After a dozen years of mandating teaching to the No Child Left Behind test, Congress last week finally approved a smarter strategy: Every Student Succeeds. The reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act was six years overdue. No Child Left Behind, the education law initiated by President George W. Bush, had saddled schools in…

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Billings Gazette: Finally, a measure of highway certainty for Montana

After years of passing patches that lasted only months or weeks, Congress finally delivered a multi-year Highway Bill. That’s great news, especially for Montana, because our vast, sparsely populated state depends on federal funding for about 87 percent of our highway construction budget. The other 13 percent comes from the state’s 27 cents per gallon…

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Great Falls Tribune: Tester unveils Montana veterans report

Wait times for veterans seeking medical help at Great Falls-area Veterans Affairs facilities can range anywhere from four to 10 days, according to a report released Wednesday by Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont. These are numbers the senator said he would like to see decreased. The “State of Veterans in Montana” report, released on Veterans Day,…

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KMMS: Tester’s Amendment Delivers for America’s Veterans

Senator Jon Tester today delivered for America’s veterans by leading the U.S. Senate to adequately fund the VA and uphold our nation’s promise to those who have served our country. In a 93-0 vote, the U.S. Senate passed Tester’s Military Construction and Veterans’ Affairs Appropriations bill, which funds the VA through September 2016. In order…

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Missoulian Op-Ed: Ensuring every Montana child achieves

My mother had an unshakable faith in the power of public education. With her encouragement, the first job I took after college was teaching at my childhood elementary school.

I have been actively involved in public education my entire life – as a student, teacher, school board member, parent, grandparent and now a U.S. senator.

So when the Senate had the chance to undo some of the damage caused by the No Child Left Behind Act, I was proud to stand with a bipartisan group of 81 senators and overhaul this broken system. That’s why I voted for the Every Child Achieves Act last week.

This bill reforms education policy for the first time in 13 years – affecting millions of American families.

While I don’t agree with everything in the bill, it’s a big step forward.

Most importantly, the bill returns decision making to the local level, giving school boards, teachers and parents control over students’ education.

The bill also moves us away from using testing as the primary measure of a student’s performance – another No Child Left Behind policy that failed.

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