No Government Shutdown

When politicians in Washington play games with a government shutdown, they forget that it’s families in Montana and across the country who pay the price. Our economy suffers.Our airports close. Our national parks, places like Yellowstone and Glacier, shut down. Our economy suffers. Public servants lose work. Farm Service Agency and Social Security offices close….

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Washington Money Has No Place Interfering in Montana Elections

Back in 2012, Montanans voted overwhelmingly (75%) that corporations should not be able to spend hand-over-fist to tip elections in their favor. It was a continuation of a Montana tradition that began a hundred years ago, when the Copper Kings tried to buy elections for their friends and allies. But ever since Citizens United said…

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We Can’t Leave 24 Million Americans Uninsured

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analyzed the House’s new plan to “replace” the Affordable Care Act.. According to their report, the replacement will cost 24 million Americans their health insurance. The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect. It needs improvements. Jon is willing to work with colleagues on both side of the aisle to make…

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Protect our Public Lands This St. Paddy’s Day

One of Montana’s richest and most precious resources are public lands. They’re not just part of our outdoor heritage, they support tens of thousands of Montana jobs and generate billions of dollars for Montana’s economy. Washington politicians have been attacking public lands for years. The President’s budget makes huge cuts to public lands, clean air,…

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Too Much At Risk

The new health plan from D.C. politicians is troubling, to say the least. Thousands of Montanans could lose their access to care. On top of that, seniors could be charged up to five times more for their premiums than young people. Medicare would be weakened while the wealthy and insurance executives would get tax breaks….

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