Strengthening Social Security and Medicare

Jon has a strong record of protecting and strengthening both Social Security and Medicare–initiatives that nearly 20 percent of Montanans rely on.

Jon knows that Montana’s seniors have been hit hard by the rising cost of living and inflation. So he consistently works against efforts to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits. He does not support any plan to privatize Social Security or replace Medicare with a failed voucher system.

For Jon, living up to the sacred promise of Medicare and Social Security means making sure our seniors have access to quality health care.

Jon worked to improve the benefits Montanans receive from Social Security by supporting a measure that eliminates application backlogs and invests additional resources in the Social Security Administration. Jon fought to overturn a decision to close Social Security’s appeals site in Great Falls, which would have made it harder for Montanans to get access to critical services. He continued to fight the closure until the decision was made to reopen the site.

To preserve and improve Medicare, Jon passed a law that offers seniors preventative services and free annual wellness visits. He closed the prescription drug “donut hole” and sent Montana seniors a $250 rebate check to help them pay for their prescriptions. Jon also passed provisions to make sure facilities continue serving Medicare patients and cracked down on wasteful subsidies to insurance companies.

To strengthen Medicare for future generations, Jon passed a law rooting out waste, fraud and abuse and eliminating wasteful subsidies to insurance companies. The law also extended the solvency of Medicare until 2024.

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