Cutting Taxes

As a farmer and a small business owner, Jon knows that middle class families and small business, in Montana and across the country, already pay enough in taxes. That’s why as Senator, Jon has successfully fought for $1.4 TRILLION in responsible tax cuts.

In 2011, Jon authored the VOW to Hire Heroes Act, which provides tax incentives to businesses who hire America’s true heroes — our veterans.

Tax credits through Jon’s HIRE Act were aimed at small businesses to hire unemployed workers, and help put Montanans back to work.

And Jon helped pass the Small Business Jobs Act which cut taxes for small businesses by more than $12 billion — all without adding to the national debt.

Middle class families can’t afford to see their tax burdens increase. That’s why Jon has a long record of protecting tax credits that help America’s middle class, including:

  • The Making Work Pay tax credit
  • The first time homebuyer tax credit (offering a credit of up to $8,000, or up to 10% of the purchase price of the residence, to new homebuyers)
  • The child tax credit
  • The earned income tax credit
  • Social Security and Veterans tax credits

And in 2010, Jon voted in favor of a bipartisan tax compromise that cut taxes for all Americans — including middle class families, small business, and family farms and ranches.

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